Edwin Specht | Sales & Purchasing

Our Purchase and Sales Manager Spain has been a loyal and committed member of Kleyn for over 20 years. We invited him to join us after noticing his great accomplishments at Volvo Trucks. Since then Edwin has seen many changes in our organization and work methods, but has always been able to adapt quickly. As he says so himself, why else would you stay for so long, if you are not happy to go to work every single day? Edwin has made a lot of friends among his clients, and often travels to Spain to scout for good trucks for a good price. And he does not mind the great weather, warm mentality and tasty food either :) If you are looking for a specific vehicle, make sure to send your request to Edwin@kleyn.com. He is known by everyone as someone who delivers what he promises!

Would you like to sell a used truck, tractor, trailer, tipper or mixer? Find information of selling to Kleyn Trucks here.

Languages:  Dutch, Spanish, English
Unique Quality: Adaptability
Accounts: Spain
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